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Originally Posted by HellspawnRei View Post
Finally 1000! I will agree that it is an easy game but it depends on your patience mostly.Second stage was a nightmare for me because of the baseball minigame,it was the last thing i wanted for ranked stages.After a whole day trying this crap minigame, i got it.
Conclusion:If i did a 1k on this game everyone can,but you must have patience.
i actually didn't think the baseball minigame was that hard. on my first playthrough it was annoying because a 2-2 tie is a death, but going back and doing my hard playthrough, i beat it on the first try with a ton of health left over.

the trick is that you don't have to wait for zombies to pop up before you can kill them. hit them while they are still half in the ground.

random question:

is there anything hidden in the menu's to see achievement progress for the 30 headshots/other number based achievements like that? i've been looking but didn't find anything. the achievement section ingame just shows ????????? for stuff that isn't unlocked yet.
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