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I found this thread a few weeks ago, and used some of the players mentioned. Thanks to everyone for posting all these players. I decided to make an npower championship team in Creation Centre. I sold all but 2 players, then bought and sold players to make my team as perfect as I could. So far, I am in Season 2 with AC Croydon (Creation Centre Club), and got a lot of growth from all players.
GK: De Gea= 78+3=81
RB: Shipps (Creation Centre Player)= 73+0=73
CB: Ream= 68+4=72
CB: G. Cahill= 78+3=81
LB: O. Gonzalez= 71+2=73
RM: S. Holden= 79+2=81
CM: Cabaye= 78+5=83
LM: Felipe Anderson= 70+3=73
RF: N. Redmond= 68+1=69
LF: F. Montero= 74+1=75
ST: Le Toux= 73+0=73
ST: Volland= 70+2=72
ST: D. Henderson= 69+0=69
ST: Stead= 67+0=67
CM: Michaels ( Creation Centre Player)= 72-2=70
CB: A. Henley= 66+0=66
CB: DeMonte (16 YO Scouted Player from France)= 65+0=65
GK: Featherstone (16 YO Scouted Player from England)= 60+0=60

Cabaye grew 5 points in my 1st year. I play him mostly at CM, but he is a good backup at LB or RB.
Henley is a young player from either Liverpool or Blackburn, he will develop eventually. Ream, Anderson, and Gonzalez will grow even if you only play them 8 games a season. Le Toux, Redmond, and Montero in my mind are the best starting offenses you can have. Redmond has good pace,stamina, and insane speed. Le Toux has good strength, a powerful shot, ability to score from afar, and can't be knocked off the ball easily. Montero has good speed, but his accuracy and vision make him a great playmaker. If I've built an attack, but its about to die, I pass it to Montero and he manages to either draw an extra defender, or puts the ball behind the defense for an attacker to grab and shoot. Redmond doesn't grow very easily, but I think he's the best player on my team. He is just killer everywhere. I've played many career modes, and I want to reccommend some other players too, here they are:
GK: D. Ricketts: His OVR starts in the high 60's, but he always positions himself well, and he can throw the ball farther than any other keeper in the game.
CB: Hertaux: His stamina isn't wonderful, but he plays his position well.
CB: Shawcross: Ryan is very tall, and he is strong too. He can always knock strong players off the ball, and he can kick that ball off the pitch easily.
ST: Lewandowski: I highly reccommend buying Robert. He plays on BVB( Borussia Dortmund), and will only get better, but it takes him starting most games. The reasons why I like him: I am related to him, so he belongs on my team. He seems to be as strong as Ibrahimovich(Spelling is Off?), and has a strong shot. I have scored almost 20 goals with him from the half line, and he is also has a great header.
RM: D. Richards: Dane is only rated 68, and his attributes won't impress anyone, but he has great speed, passes well in game AT HOME, and is good at headers. He used to be my go-to sub for midfielders and strikers, but I got an offer from Reading to buy him for 1,800,000.
RM/CM/LM: B. Convey: Bobby is similar to Fredy Montero. He is sort of like the second choice to Montero. Most importantly: Bobbie works REALLY WELL WITH NATHAN REDMOND, MARKUS HENRIKSEN, JAMIE SMITH, AND FREDY MONTERO.
For some reason, Henriksen, De Vrij, A. White, Daprela, and Kongolo never grew any, and I started them for 4 straight years. I'll take that back, De Vrij grew +1. Does anyone know how/why they grow so slow/ don't grow at all. I'd also like to get rid of De Gea. For some reason, The only goalie that has played well for me was Donovan Ricketts. I've hand Mandanda, Adler, De Gea, Rimando, and even John Smith. None of the above players listed have performed even ok. The best form I've gotten from an above goalie was a 6.3. They are usually out of form, and riding at 4.3-5.9. Why is this so? Funny, I don't have a 360 YET, but I do have PS3. I just had to post, hope this post helps someone. If you have PS3, feel free to add ClubMonger. Just shoot me a message saying that you saw my post on
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