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Originally Posted by KillTheft_Echo View Post
Fable kind of lost its way, I believe. They tried to do too much after Fable 1 was such a success, and the latter two were lackluster.

As for Amalur, I think it's fantastic.

Fluid, Fun Combat System- Being able to fluidly switch between two weapons and cast spells at the same time makes fighting enemy after enemy quite fun. I just wish there was a bit more complexity to the shifting, such as different combos and finishers depending on when you hit what power/weapon.
Length- I've put a good 30 or so hours into the game in the past week or so and have not even explored half of the game world. Quests galore, too.
Loot System- For me, at least, it's terribly exciting opening chests and checking dead enemies for the next best weapons/armor.

Story- Like some of you said before me, the story is dreadfully awful. I listened to the dialogue through the tutorial, and since then have mashed the X button. I feel like they tried to do too much with a brand new world, and overcomplicated it to the point where no one knows what's going on.
Skill System- Not the Abilities, but almost all the skills are useless. I mean, I have never put a point in Lockpicking or Dispelling and can open Very Hard chests in both categories. Really simple. Sagecrafting is alright, and alchemy isn't really needed since Hard mode is so simple. The only ones really worth it are Detect Hidden, Mercantile, Persuasion and Stealth if you're going to be sneaky. Having more unique or useful skills would have been nice.

Really, I drew more of a comparison from this game to the Elder Scrolls games rather than Fable. I mean, it's all there, from the Warsworn (Companions), Travelers (Theives Guild), and Scholia Arcana (Mages Guild) factions to three main playstyles (Warrior, Mage, Thief/Assassin), it's a cut-and-dry RPG, much like the review for the game said.

With a little more originality and uniqueness, along with a little less complexity in terms of the story, I think this could have been a home run.

Totally agree with all your points, except for a little caveat on the loot. I am about half way through the game. I took peoples' recommendations and played the DLC before the end of the game, and so I was able to get some good loot and am pretty well leveled at this point. Well then I mastered my blacksmithing in an effort to get the achievement and realized I could make some reediculously OP armor! I have a full dread scale set for my "Rogue" and he has armor of 1500 and my health is almost 2000! I happen to be playing a melee oriented one anyways with bow as my secondary... but it's insane! I almost have a full prismere set for my "warrior" and that is going to be even more insane. I have no reason to pick up gear anymore except to find stuff to break down to finish my mage's set. I'm not sure how they could have changed that, and I am not sure I would want them too... maybe just make it take longer for that stuff to become available... I dunno.... In all honesty I am stoked that I am a beast in my armor!

The other thing is, I wanted to second your comment about useless skills. I realized that early on. I put all my points into blacksmithing and detect hidden and sagecrafting. I got tired of being cursed so I put a few in dispel as well... but I don't even need mercantile (2mil+ gold now)... I am going to re roll as a super stealth guy I think and see how it works with max stealth... so that should be fun... anyways. Good points mate!

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