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I remember toward the end when one of the brothers -- I get their names confused -- was caught in the bear trap in the barn. The choice to either kill him or just stick the pitchfork in the hay. I initially hovered over the hay to let him leave, but I decided he needed to die.

But when Clementine saw me do it, I had a very visceral response to her shock and her giving me a wary look. It's why I didn't kill the other brother directly -- instead to leave him to his probable death by zombie -- I didn't want her to think I was a monster. I thought about reloading, but I decided to live with these choices and go back and play 1-5 a different way when they are all out.

I love the game for the moral choices it makes you do and the consequences of your actions playing over all the episodes. Now if they could only ratchet back the lag or the technical hiccups the games are having. The first one had a little bit of the lag, but the second one it was very noticeable.

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