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1. Chopped David's leg. I didn't even know you could attempt to chop the chain. I knew he would never make it after I cut his leg. The leg is way to vascular and it's hard to stop the bleeding... but hey I tried, lol.

2.Didn't shoot Jolene. I thought about it, but she seemed to know what was going on and I wanted to know more.

3.Didn't help Kenny to kill Larry. I'm in the medical field, so my instincts kicked in and I tried to save him.

4. I killed the first brother. But after the reaction by Clem, I left the other brother for the zombies. I didn't want her to think I was a monster.

5. I didn't steal the food. If Clem hadn't objected to it I would have, but even though I was sure something bad had happened to it's previous owners, I didn't want to disappoint the kid.
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