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I just unlocked this and can help. You sort of answered your own question at the top. You did get the right amount of blue seals but in the wrong order. I stuck to the order in the guide and never got an incorrect boss. So if the guide says you get two blue then 5 red and another blue and then more reds, you really should do it in that exact order (unless you feel like going on the path of self discovery and find alternate combos). I teach middle school math and this dungeon has many possible outcomes like a tree diagram when teaching possible outcomes. Your just going down the furthest outside branch, deviating from the path one position with each new step. I have no clue what a full tree would look like for this dungeon and really wouldn't want to seeing as there are at least 7 puzzles/ levels to the tree with a max of 9 in some outcomes. So for just 7 puzzles/ levels of the tree you have 2•2•2•2•2•2•2= 128 different sequences that red seals and blue seals can be in (not including some of the sequences make you keep going). Good luck, the achievement and game wasn't nearly as bad after you figure out how things work. If my spelling is bad its because I'm typing this on my wp7.
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