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1. I chopped David's leg off. I tried cutting the chain, but it seemed like it was of no use, so I chopped his leg off.

2. I didn't shoot Jolene. Like some other people have said, I wanted to know more of what she was talking about until Danny shot her.

3. I didn't help kill Larry. Even though I disliked him, I couldn't bring myself to help kill him. I tried to revive him.

4. I didn't kill both of the St. John brothers. I'm trying to show the group that we can stay humane in an inhumane world. Plus, I'm trying to be a good influence on Clementine.

5. I didn't steal any of the food. Like some other people have said, once I saw Clementine's reaction to the thought of stealing the food, I didn't want any part of it.

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