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1. I chopped David's leg off in mine as well. Went after the chain when I saw the option but didn't work.

2. Shot Jolene right in the dome. Had no idea what she was up to and I panicked as the timer went down. Had no idea what was in store for me later and felt bad at the end after seeing the camera with her video.

3. I 100% helped Kenny kill Larry because Lilly and Larry piss me off hardcore and I felt so happy ending his asshole life. I haven't hated a character so much in a long time. I wish I could have punched him out myself and not had to do it the way they planned.

4.I killed both the brothers because I both felt they deserved it and getting eaten by zombies wouldn't be as satisfying as taking those shitheads down myself. Punching the hell out of the second brother was awesome and the scene of being called out as you walk away with the storm and the music was great. Loved getting rid of that family for what they did.

5. Decided not to steal the food. I side with Kenny most of the time because I like him for some reason but on this one I felt I had done enough and made a few bad decisions so I stood off on this one so Clem wouldn't be super upset with me.

This game honestly makes me regret and think fast about every decision. I'm going to get the Jurassic Park game by them no matter how bad it is or was said to be. I love this style of game.
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