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1. Chopped the guy's leg off, like others have stated I didn't know there was another option.

2. Shot Jolene, I was afraid that if I didn't she would have killed me, but in retrospect that was probably a stupid thing to think

3. Killed Larry because of how damn annoying he's been the entire time, now all I'm hoping for is a chance to kill that bitch Lily, but who knows if such a chance will ever come

4. Killed the first brother because I let my violent animal instincts get the better of me, didn't think about how badass it would be to leave the guy in a bear trap. Didn't kill the second brother because everybody was watching, I've already fucked Clementine up a bunch and who knows what everyone would have thought of me afterwards

5. Didn't steal the food because once again, I wanted to make it up to Clementine since in the course of one night she ate human legs, witnessed an old man having his head smashed to a pulp by a box and also witnessed her father figure stab a man with a pitchfork
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