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Originally Posted by T0X1C Z0MB1E TZ View Post
Please think about what you are saying. It's a interactive movie, when you go to the cinema and watch a movie, say it's an action movie, when someone is having a conversation do you ask to skip that part, even if it had some important plot points in? No, you do not, and TellTale want people to appreciate the work put into this game and the story, so please, don't ask for such a silly request for a great game.

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I agree to a point. While I enjoy watching the scenes, it is kind of annoying that you can't skip, but it's not so bad (if it were a full $60 retail game then yes scene skipping should be there).

I'd rather there be a better save option. Right now I'm visiting my parents in Nigeria. While here I finished the download and played it but while playing the power cut numerous times causing me to re-watch some cutscenes/ choose my choices again.
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