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so i was incredibly fortunate on getting the "Bladder of Steel" achievement...a few days ago, on my day off of work, i decided to finally go for it and finish off the achievements. i put it on medium (so if i needed to eat of use the bathroom i can pass the controller off to my girlfriend). i turned off my online activity and my notifications. i actually got through it first try achievement didn't unlock. i raged..i mean RAGED..until i realized that the achievements count as notifications and just didn't show for me. but, i did get it. THANK GOD.

the funnier thing is...literally, NO EXAGGERATION AT ALL, my power cut off a little under 10 minutes after my achievement unlocked. there was a huge storm that came through and my power has been off for 3 days. it is just crazy that if i would have started the endless setlist 10 minutes later..i would have been short by a few songs and lost my progress on song 83/84. phew!

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