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Originally Posted by T0X1C Z0MB1E TZ View Post
Please think about what you are saying. It's a interactive movie, when you go to the cinema and watch a movie, say it's an action movie, when someone is having a conversation do you ask to skip that part, even if it had some important plot points in? No, you do not, and TellTale want people to appreciate the work put into this game and the story, so please, don't ask for such a silly request for a great game.

And if you are on about AFTER you have complete the chapter you want and go back to repeat it on Rewind then, you should just still pay attention to the story and choose differently.

I'm not trying to get into an argument either so if this sounds a bit harsh, sorry :/

All the best - T0X1C
I completely understand what you mean and I'm not replying to start some argument just sharing my thoughts. I don't mean to under appreciate their work, it's just I've played through the first and second episode three times now and I just feel it gets tedious to have go through lengths of dialogue just to change a certain aspect of that playthrough, like when someone "will remember that". I enjoy games(and movies) with great story, but when I've seen the general story more than once or twice, I would like to get to the meat of things even if it requires getting past some of the smaller stuff even dialogue with important plot points(because I already know what those points are by this time)
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