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I rly LOVED/LOVE this game. It has everything i expect from a brilliant action game. I still think though, that the DMC combo system is superior and the best of all time. And Bayonetta has one major flaw... the achievements... i mean come on, no achievement for getting platinum/pure platinum on non stop climax, no achievement for beating Rodin(which was quite a challenge and a lot of fun imo) and no achievement for beating the Lost Chapter(that was pretty awesome too!)?? I don't get it. Getting the 1000 was rly too damny easy. When i look at DMC4... well, that was a hell of a ride LOL once died at stage 88 in Bloody Palace and didn't react to it until some minutes passed... then i raged like rarely before.
Nonetheless i hope they bring us the joy of playing a Bayonetta 2 sometime!^_^
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