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Achievement Guide & Road Map

- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10 (Depending on Skill)
- Offline: 40 ( 925 )
- Online: 4 ( 75 )
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 20+
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Number of missable achievements: 1 ( Kit Collector )
- Glitched achievements: 0
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes
- Glitched achievements: No
- Unobtainable achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed: No


Welcome to my first Achievement Guide and Roadmap, London is the follow up game to Sega's previous Olympics game Beijing 2008. The game isn't too difficult the only problem with it is "Kit Collector" as
this involves getting 80 points total in both Medium and Hard playthroughs.

Step #1: Medium Olympics Games Playthrough.
This playthrough will consist of you getting fairly used to the game, grabbing some achievements along the way. Medium consists of a 10 day tournament, with two events per day.

You will want to grab all Gold along the way here as not doing so will cause you to miss out on "Kit Collector". See in tips below how to do this a bit easier.

Step#2: Hard Olympics Games Playthrough.
This playthrough is the exact same as your Medium playthrough although there is now 14 days with two events per day. Again you're wanting all Gold Medals here.

Step#3: Challenge Mode.
This mode consist of getting stars over certain amount of events There are 8 Challenge days with a total of 24 events.

Step#4: Online.
There are only 4 online achievements in this game, two can be boosted with a friend and two you will have to win yourself competing against others online.

Step#5: Mop up.
This is where you will grind out the remaining achievements that you need to acquire.


London 2012 Olympics is a pretty fun game, and it won't cost you as much money to replace control pads like Beijing had the courtesy of doing. It's one of the easier 1000 that I've seen this year for myself anyway. Hope you enjoy this guide and let me know on anywhere of improving it.

Credit to NeedToAchieve for the Youtube Videos.

Show Pony- 15.
Emoted first out of a group of players while being introduced for a race event.

Pick 100metres in Event's play; now with two controllers start it up. Press to start the event. Leave it to run for a second and you will see
in the top right corner . Press it with your controller, boom 15.

No Weak Links-30.
Every player in a Challenge Event scored more than their share of the team's 3-Star target score.

For this you will need a friend or a second control pad. Pick Challenge 1 as this is this easiest one.
The Javelin Requirement is 170.00, so between two people a minimum of 85m each to get the 3 stars, and thus unlocking your achievement.

Up to the Challenge-75.
Completed all Challenge Sets for a controller type.

I did this by myself with a second controller as didn't have mates who were up for doing it. If you do, the more the merrier and less tedious on you it will be. As stated above there are 8 challenge days
consisting of 24 challenges total. This is pretty straight forward achievement - just a bit of time needed to do.

Please note: Only the person who presses start and chooses their save file at the start up screen will get achievements in this mode.

Gold, Gold, Gold-30.
Earned 9 Challenge Stars in a single Challenge Set.

For this I loaded up Challenge 1 as usual, being the easiest with a second controller or if you have mates around, even easier. You will need to complete,
-Javelin Throw, 170m.
-Archery Individual, 220.
-Archery Blitz, 800

These are the scores needed for 3 Stars in each event. Take your time and you will get it in no time.

Please note: Only the person who presses start and chooses their save file at the start up screen will get achievements in this mode.

Awesome Foursome-15.
Completed a Challenge Set with 4 players.

This was a bit of a bother for me as I didn't have 3 friends around to do this. If you have, then lucky you this will be a breeze. If you'we like me, all alone, load up Challenge 1 with a total of 4
controllers and sit back and prepared to be bored. You only have to complete the Challenge so don't worry about getting 9 Stars, 3 Stars are usually the minimum amount to get to pass the challenge day and thus gain your achievement.

Refer to Friendly Competition below for tips if you haven't got 4 control pads.

Please note: Only the person who presses start and chooses their save file at the start up screen will get achievements in this mode.

Glorious Results-30.
You have won a total of 5 Gold medals in Quick Matches or Custom Matches.

This cannot be boosted, not that I'm aware of anyway. Pretty straight forward win 5 Gold medals. Doesn't have to be in a row, it's accumulated over your online play. Easiest way I did this was through
"Custom Games" and picked "Track Events".

Competed in a Quick Match or Custom Match for National Pride.

Just load up either an Xbox Live Quick Match or Custom Match, select your nation and play. You'll get the achievement and the end the event.

Take On the World-20.
Won an Xbox LIVE Tournament.

This can be boosted and you can go here to get someone to help obtain the achievement. You can always grind it out and win this legit if needs be.

Social Sports-10.
Played an Xbox LIVE Tournament with one or more friends.

Again this can be boosted from going here, or if you have a friend who has the copy, can be obtained while going for the

"Take On the World" Achievement.

Superb Serving-10.
Performed 10 ace serves over your career.

Easiest way to do this, load up the event Table Tennis while using two control pads. Beat down Player 2 with constant serves. The achievement will unlock after your 10th Ace.

Foul Play-10.
Performed 30 foul attempts in field events over your career.

Easiest way to achieve this is to load up the Long Jump. You get 6 attempts at this event so just run past the white board 6 times, rinse, repeat the event 4 more times and it's yours. You should be pretty
close along the way from playing with friends or in Olympic Mode foul wise, towards this achievement.
Marathon Man-10.
Have run a distance of 42.195km over your career.

This is the only repetitive achievement in the game. It works out roughly playing the 200m, x 211 retries to unlock this, or could slug it out and do the 400m, x 106 retries
but the 200m is much easier to do. You will unlock this after you cross the finish line and of course the 42.195k mark.

No Splash-30.
Received a perfect ten from one of the judges in a Diving event

Basically all you have need is a single 10 from any the Judges. Doing the very first choice on any the Diving Events, and landing it without a huge splash should net you a 10.0 from one of the Judges. This should come to you along the way of doing Olympic Mode from the constant restarts you'll endure.

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