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Style Conscious-10.
Wore an alternative national kit in an event.

You will need to progress through Olympic Mode on Medium or Higher to unlock new kits. You will need to get Gold medals on both events on the day you're playing to unlock new kits and equipment. Once you've unlocked a new kit go into Event Play, choose the nation you've unlocked the new kit for and press to change it to the alternate load up the 100m and you shall gain this achievement.

Pushing Yourself-15.
Beat your own personal best set in every event possible, irrespective of gender.

This is the achievement that seems to be giving people problems. I personally unlocked this first time while going for it.
If you play the Men's 400m you will just need to beat your Personal Best (PB) again on the Men's 400m, you do not need to do it again in the Women's category. Same principle applies for the Synchronized
Diving, doing the Men's 3m Synchronized Springboard will mean just beating it again on your next retry, not having to worry about registering a Personal Best (PB) in the Women's category. Also, you do not need to worry about doing the Table Tennis or the Women's Volleyball Events. These are not required for the achievement.

Here is a video to help clear some things up.

World Champion-15.
Broke a World Record.

For this achievement I found doing the Shot Put was the easiest one to beat the World Record. For the Shot Put all you have to do is power up with bashing it to build speed. Now you wait for the angle to drop from the top the screen and try hitting 35 mark and push up on the and watch that ball fly. Should get it with ease.

24 Carat Gold-100.
Earned the Gold medal in every event of a medium or hard Olympic Games mode campaign.

Now here's where the difficulty gets increased. This is going 10 days/20 events winning all gold. Medium is only available until you finish your Olympic Mode playthrough, so you're best off going for this first and leaving your Hard Campaign for "Kit Collector".

A Few events that can be a bother:
Men's Keirin. As soon as you see that countdown hits 1, bash as fast you can and use the inside lane. You want to be literally right at the left side at all time. Now if you get in the lead, try keeping your stamina up by holding down. Keep bumping the CPU out the way and pedal any chance you have when your stamina is full. The only tips I can think of here to help anyone out, as these worked for me very well.

Men's 25mm Rapid Fire.
This was the hardest event I had trouble with. You need to be so accurate and quick off the draw if you want to beat the CPU here. What I advise doing is on Round 1-3 take your time, as Round 1 is 8 seconds, Rounds 2 & 3 are 6 seconds each. This should be more than enough time to get in the 50,49,49s. Rounds 4-6 consist of 4 seconds each. Round 5&6 is when the scores get put up; hitting near dead centre will net you 10.9-11.0. Practice is essential on this, good luck with it.

Men's Single Sculls.
This is another one of those events you dread. You need to be in perfect sync with every stroke, otherwise you might as well not continue here. The only tip I found for this is watch the rowers’ legs. Once they push down on the front of the boat press +together to speed yourself up. To give yourself a boost, double tap the+ together for increased powered.

I would also try at the start of the race to speed boost straight away. You can get one out then a normal row, which in turn gives you another bit of stamina for another speed burst. Practise this event – it gave me so much trouble.

Those above events are the only ones that gave me problems. Leave something in the comments below if you need help with any others and I'll try help out as much I can do.

Video Help:
Possibly more to be added, depending on NeedToAchieve if he makes any more, or if any others surface on Youtube.

Rapid Fire "Aimbot"

Kayak "Never Touch the Sides"

110m Hurdles "Quick and Painful"

High Jump "Close Shave"

Keirin-Tips For Hard

400m-Tips for victory

Men's Sculls


There is one trick to use if you've no retry tokens left in Olympics mode:

Dashboard Glitch
When you've lost the event that you've been playing and failed to win, do not hit the continue button. Instead hit the Guide Button (Middle button) in on your controller and hit to return to your Xbox Dashboard. Load back up your game again and back into the Olympics mode. You shall now be back in that same race you failed to win. Rinse, repeat as much as necessary till you complete your event.

As Lima has mentioned below, his save got corrupted using the "Sign Out" Method so do not use it at all, unless you like corrupted save files. You've been warned. Vejlebolden has also confirmed it happening to him.

Self Improvement-20.
Used a Retry Token, and got a better result in the top 3 places.

You need to do this while Qualifying for a Final Event. You will be asked to retry or continue in any event you’re trying to advance in. Finish last on purpose and then use one of your tokens to replay the event, and get yourself into the top 3 to earn the achievement. I'd recommend doing this on your first day, first event using your token and then quitting to the main menu after getting the achievement and starting a new Olympic Mode so there's no loss in tokens.

Successful Campaign-20.
Earned 20 medals in a single Olympic Games Campaign.

This should be obtained after doing your Medium playthrough, as there is 10 days totalling 20 medals, which you should be going for towards getting your "24 Carat Gold" and "Kit Collector" Achievements.

All-Around Athlete-20.
Qualified for the finals of every event in an Olympic Games mode campaign.

This will come naturally across your game time, and is also needed if you’re wanting to obtain "Kit Collector".

Got Gold!-20.
Earned a Gold medal in The Olympic Games mode.

This should come naturally once you’re trying to get all the kits and equipment unlocked through the course of your Olympic Mode campaign.

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