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The Contender-10.
Qualified for the finals of an event in The Olympic Games mode.

Refer to; All-Around Athlete.

Kit Collector-30.
Unlocked all available sporting accessories.

As it goes you only need to get a certain amount of overall points through your run to get everything unlocked. So 60 points on your Medium playthrough, then 80 points in your Hard playthrough, will net you this achievement.
Thanks to-WoodsMonk for finding this out.

Here's a video taking from the sister site PS3 Trophies, showing the final standings, having not won all Gold in all Events.

Friendly Competition-15.
Won an Events Mode session with four players competing.

Depending on if you’re a socialite or not, you’re going to need 4 control pads either way.
#1: Get your friends over to help you obtain this while having fun,
#2: 4 control pads, one human.

Load up Events Play, and choose one the random Events that you want or load up. 100m and the 110m Hurdles I believe to be the quickest. Finish these events off and you shall get the achievement, once you go back out to the event selection screen.

A tip for the 4-player achievements, I personally didn't have 4 controllers, so I used two Guitar Hero controllers, (I assume Rock Band's would work too). Obviously I couldn't use them to play the games properly, but they acted as the 3rd and 4th players. Credit to Nufcneilo for this.

Team Spirit-30.
Beat your personal best in Team Archery or Synchronised Diving.

You will need at least 2 Players for this, or two controllers.
Load up Team Archery and do horrible on purpose on your first game giving yourself a low score, now go back and retry this event again and just hammer the score you set in the last game and you'll earn yourself a nice little achievement.

Team Player-30.
Earned 3 Gold medals in team events.

Quickest way I found to do this was in Team Archery as I had two controllers. If you've a friend around, do the Synchronized Diving as it's really short due to you both going at the same time. Even though it's called Team Archery you still take turns in it. Rinse & repeat for whichever method is needed to grab you this achievement.

My Way-5.
Created and played through a custom playlist.

The way I did this (and I'm not sure it's needed) was going into Events Play. After this I picked my favourite, as always, the 100m. I then switched the tab at the top to save my playlist, hit to save said playlist. I then proceed to start my playlist, finished my playlist, and got my nice little 5 5.

If there is anything that I've missed out on, spelling errors or any additional problems, or you've anything to contribute towards the guide please let me know.

A few fixes have been made to the guide – a few spelling fixes & videos have finally been added to make it look smarter.

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