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Originally Posted by FLIPADELPHIIA View Post
What part are you on? Ill help you out. Despite what people may think, the game is not about luck for the most part. Sometimes the AI is a piece of shit, theres no denying that. Ive done more times because of my AI then on my own, but they usually dont do it twice in a row. And if they do, you just need to figure out how to adapt, because the enemy spawn is the same every single time
Unfortunately I started immediately after finishing my Suicide Mission playthrough. So I was probably a little more aggravated by the AI than I would normally be. I haven't been able to beat stage 4 on FUBAR. I get to the part where you see the two 33rd soldiers fire at the civilians. I can get into cover, but no matter what route I take, I get grenade spammed. Either that, or my stupid squad both go down and I get slaughtered going to save them.

I might give it a go after I finish some of the other games I'm working on. Or if that co-op they're adding includes the campaign. Then I might run through with someone else. I would appreciate any tips you could offer though Flip. You're guides are always really helpful.

It's kind of a surprise that I'm having this much difficulty with this last achievement. The rest of them were a cake walk. I've seen people say that this game is easier than Call of Duty on Veteran. I don't agree with that personally. It would be if not for you having to save your squadmates. I really hate that aspect to the game. I've actually managed to clear most of that area. But then the AI gets flanked and it all spirals out of control from there.
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