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Originally Posted by Axel 360 View Post
Ok, Iīm sure this has been already answer but let me take advantage of this Question Thread.

I didnīt save enough citizens, in fact they are all dead except for quest givers and guards, Iīm sure lots of players had experience this huge bummer. But anyway I want to know, itīs out there any way to have my kingdom back on its feet?

I read on the internet that if I get the treasury full again (Iīm still in red numbers, Iīm such a horrible king) and spend some time in the game, eventually people will come back. Now, is it true? How much money should my treasury have and how long should I wait to the cities be full again?

Also, If I sleep to much to get like a month in game time pass by, will my wife divorce me for no interact with her? After all the headache I donīt want to lose Eloise, sheīs kind of like the only female model I encounter in the game that can be considerer not as ugly as the rest of NPCs.

Edit: Ah, never mind, suddenly the world is populated again, donīt know why but thatīs fine for me.
After time people do start to come back

Originally Posted by BabyJ View Post
My gold is under 6.5million and I want to save my kingdom what can I do?
If you plan on making every good decision you will need 9.3 million.

My gold is way under the required amount, how can I make a few million?
This is a simple process buy all shop no houses. If you buy shops rent will pour in, homes slowly waste away meaning you have to repair them. So avoid houses just buy shops. Leave your Xbox on for a few hours and you should have more than enough gold.

Thank you so much for this. I never really realized how much money and time was wasted with houses. Sold them all and bought all available businesses and went to work. Came back in that evening and had 20 million waiting for me
Glad the thread could help
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