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electromaniac third level after you gone thru the water just make a happy mush and bumb the electric thing in the top

"spinning out" when you do get the confuse mush just find a nice area and flip your phone 3 times fast and you'll get it

a few "hard to find" minimotes

the canopy (L2) the "tree" you are comming out of there is a excact same tree not too long into the game, go down the tree and collect 3 happy minimotes

the doldrums (L4) happy mush at the start to collect 6 happy minimotes

the pits (L7) just after you put a ball thru 3 oil fountens after you jump down, go right, 9 confuse minimotes

lost & found (L12) at the en of the level there is a wheel and a breakable brick in a "windmill" make sure you get down before the wheel does else you will miss 4 sad and 4 angry minimotes, if you don't do this right, you will not get them
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