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I'm going to be honest, I've had a fair few issues but for me, I've had no trouble apart from the chapter 13 which I'm on now and this is the last one.

Here some annoying parts for me;

No Dodge - The whole concept of not having a dodge button has ruined a lot of the FUBAR experience for me. Being in cover to then have a grenade thrown at me is normally instant death. You can't simply roll away, you have to find cover to switch to, which is time wasting, or you have to come out of cover and sprint, and then this causes the AI to shoot and kill you.

Grenades - The major annoyance here is that you can't throw them back. Then that just leaves you with the point above when one gets thrown at you.

Other than that, I've worked through the chapters quite fast. I've noticed you just need to be fast and a good shot! The amount of times I've taken my time and died because the AI got into a good position is endless. I'll then take notes on starting points, take them out fast, do the same to the others about before they can move up or react and move on. It's working well so far!

I've had some trouble in some parts, where I get caught out or in a corner and can't do much and this has mainly happened in C13. The very start took me a while until I figured out a plan and place to hide and kill off the group of AI with ease. I'm dreading the part where you defend in and around that boat... My last chapter though, then I'm 100% done!

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