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Originally Posted by kade View Post
Any tips how to pass heli section in part 6 (or 7)? This takes place in some kind of museum with t-rex sceleton where you have to run and not get killed by guy in helicopter? I'm after like 30 continues and die everytime in the same moment after taking few steps >< Cover system is disabled and all I can do is to run which is pointless since I get nailed every time!
Are you sprinting all the way through? I was worried this part was going to be a pain but I got through it the first time. It appears when you get near the end the game will quickly heal you before you turn right to run out of that area but you need to be sprinting the entire time. Don't slow down for one second. I have never died here in any of my playthroughs which made me think the game was designed to make you take damage but not die. Obvioulsy thats not the case...
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