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I need someone to help me get the Flying Ace achievement. My GT is "Kynan I" send me a message anytime if you would like to get the achievement with me or would like to help. =)
Also wouldn't mind some help with some of the gold medals.

ChaosDaddy187 posted this on the achievement and want to try this:

OVER 5,000 XP PER MATCH!!!! Start up the game and play Pigskin and choose the helicopter (must have DLC the 80 mp's one) with the Bird as the pilot (Whirly Bird i think). Grab the football and press 'B' to freeze your position and have a friend do the same right next to you. Now you look at each other and hammer the 'Y' button. This will pass the ball over and over giving you like 10xp a second or so. Very easy to boost you will just have to do it late at night because people will join and start killing you.
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