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Tips & tricks

Just got the 200G, and i know there's many guides for frogger in general out there, but for Classic mode i choose Hyper:

-Wait for a cycle in the big gap between the bottom cars before you hit start: you should be coming on the screen as the female frog does, a little earlier for the faster levels.

-Try to get all the Flies on the pad: learn the pattern of gaps between the last two surfaces (lillypad then log/croc), create a loop between them.

-doing this will keep you in time to spawn and get the female frog immediately every other(ish) time depending on death.

My Tag is messing up: GT Flipstylee

[edit] Also wanted to add, After Level 5, Classic mode rolls over to Level 1, so if time is short the flies aren't totally necessary towards the 100k. If someone wants to make a guide they can add this info in, the other modes are fairly easy if you can get Classic down.

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