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Originally Posted by FLIPADELPHIIA View Post
nice thought of you to do that but in reality, your actually hurting whoever takes the golden idol forgery. The only reason you need a golden idol is to give to one of the shop keepers to get better inventory, but you can also give them a silver or bronze as well. A forged golden idol has a worse inventory unlock than bronze, so theres no point in giving a forged golden idol to anyone. You will get even worse inventory. If you want, you could dupe the real golden idol and give it to people that way. I have about 500 real golden idols because I spent hours duping them. And also, if a person already had gotten a golden idol in there game, they cant get another one no matter what until next game. but it was a really nice thought of you though : )
Would you be able to give me a golden idol or 2 please i missed mine
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