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After winning Hell, I have everything in the Journal except the final item. No clue what it might be!
Places Entry 5: Hell (duh)
Monsters Entry 48: Anubis II
Monsters Entry 50: Vlad (uber-vampire found in a tower in 5-1)
Monsters Entry 51: Imp (little flying red devils, not too dangerous)
Monsters Entry 52: Devil (blue devils; I think they hurt you if you jump on their head)
Monsters Entry 53: Succubus (female demons that look like Damsels until you get close)
Monsters Entry 54: Horse Head (appears to your left at the final boss)
Monsters Entry 55: Ox Face (appears to your right at the final boss)
Monsters Entry 56: King Yama (final boss)
Items Entry 32: Book of the Dead (in City of Gold)
Items Entry 33: Vlad's Cape (dropped by Vlad, lets you flap once but not as useful as a jetpack)
Items Entry 34: ????? (Still no clue!)
Traps Entry 13: Spike Ball (rotating ball & chain, similar to Super Mario. Destroy one with a bomb to enter it in your journal)

Things I haven't tried that might have something to do with the final item:
- Shooting Olmec with the Plasma Cannon
- Wearing Vlad's Cape then approaching a Succubus
- Winning the game wearing Vlad's Cape
- Hell, anything else with Vlad's Cape.

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