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Originally Posted by SnapDragon View Post
After winning Hell, I have everything in the Journal except the final item. No clue what it might be!
Hate you for getting there before me, but congratulations all the same.
Thanks also for confirming the final character for me on TA.

@ Banditbanks - the Plasma Cannon is indeed found on the mothership, it drops when you slay the Alien Queen.
WARNING: DO NOT FIRE THE PLASMA CANNON WHILE JETPACKING AGAINST THE CEILING. The projectiles sort of wobble a bit, and explode on impact. I found out the hard way one playthrough the damn thing blows you up if you shoot it while hovering against a ceiling.

@ Spock - All eight characters have been found / confirmed! I know this is a journal guide, but perhaps you'd care to link to / re-write the list?
EDIT: I'd be more than happy to help you write any of this up, by the way. That's including how-to's or details on the rarer items or harder-to-get-to places. In fact, I've volunteered to write up the walkthrough on TA, I'd be really happy if I had your permission to copy-pasta your data so far. Credit will obviously be given.

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