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Originally Posted by Spock View Post
Sure, anything you can help with would be great. Info on where to find these would be useful, and you could create a thread with the character locations if you want. That way I can just link to it in the achievement guide I'm working on.

I'm taking so long to do that because I just found out two days ago I was accepted into an online English course, so I'm pretty busy.
Lovely! As soon as I get the go-ahead on TA I'll do a full write up; when I'm not playing spelunky I'm thinking spelunky lately so it should be done as fast as I can write it up. At which point you're absolutely welcome to borrow from it as much as needed, since you're so busy! (x

+did you mean info on where to find ze characters, or were you referring to something else? I'll take your advice and go put up a character thread now, either way.

small edit: could you possibly credit me as Stiqe rather than stiqetastic? it's my preferred screenname.

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