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I just finished my FUBAR run and thought I'd add some more pointers.

- make sure you are tagging enemies all the time with RB. Like, all the time. As soon as your squad kills the target, tag another asap. Your squad buck up considerably when they have an active target, and they generally kill them fast. Its also nice to hold down RB for re-con, as this will highlight enemies hiding behind things during a firefight.

- while doing this, master popping out from cover and getting quick headshots with the M4A1 etc.

- keep a good rhythm of constantly tagging baddies and constatnly shooting the assholes in the head, and work fast. keep a good battle momentum going. You dont want to get flanked and/or grenade spammed.

- if an enemy is close to you and giving you some serious heat, tag him (even if another baddie is already tagged and being persued). This will often actually trigger that enemy AI to focus on your AI teammates straight away, leaving you free to shoot him.

- there is a distinctive pause in the enemy's animation when they are about to throw a grenade, learn to keep an eye and that and quickly nail the guy before he throws that 'nade.

- always pack a shotgun as often as you can. the enemy AI is very aggressive and will often flank you and get right up where you are hiding. Blindfiring a shotgun is about as accurate as firing it normally, so blindfire shotguns furiously from cover if bad guys are rushing you. this has saved me soooooooo many times. Also a great way to take down the heavy troopers, just take cover close to them blindfire your shotty, and you'll never have to enter their line of fire! This came in handy so often, esp. during chaps13&14.

- finally, make sure you are wearing a fresh diaper and actually good at videogames before attempting this mode. I was worried I was going to be in for a hell of a ride after reading posts on here, but FUBAR is mostly pretty fun and easy to get through! I'm not going to lie about chapter 13 & 14, they were rough, but the rest of the game isn't that bad at all. This game has NOTHING on CoD 2 and CoD 4 on Veteran. No siree. There was a checkpoint in CoD2 I was stuck on for 8 hours. Due the infinite spawns and dudes rushing you and one hit kills and all that.
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