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Originally Posted by [Ku-Ga] MasonCooper42 View Post
players ive signed for swansea.

Gk: Courtois rated 78, but theres is a better one. van der steigel or something. much better all round stats.

cb: subotic and hummels from dortmund.

mid: jack rodwell, frimpong and oriol romeu. frimpong and romeu cost about 4 million together.

att: aoc, bargain.

Ryo Myiachi. Can stress this enough go and buy the man. incredible speed.

may be more expensive but lukaku at chelsea, may be expensive but man is a beast, only guy with 90 speed and strength.

my squad after two years.

gk courtois (about to sell to go after van der steigel)

rb: jerome boateng, (about 22-24, can play all over back 4 about 10 million i think)
rcb: mats hummels. 25,000,000 but for a 86 ovr thats incredible value
lcb: me virtual pro
lb: neil taylor, original lb rated 73

lcm: emmaunel frimpong, ovr 71 when i brought, ovr 75 now
rcm: jack rodwell, age 21 and ovr 81
cam: Juan marcos age 16 and ovr 66.

lw: ryo myiachi.
St: terry brill: age 16 ovr 69
rw: Alex oxlade chamberlin. ovr 74 now

other useful players,

lm/lw: andros townsend from tottenham.
so after three years my squad looks like this

gk: ter stegen. ovr 84

rwb: clyne, ovr 81
rcb: hummels ovr 87
lcb: vp, ovr 93
lb: yun suk young ovr 77. speed 96 stamina 99.

rdm: frimpong ovr 78
lcm: jack rodwell ovr 83
cam juan marcos, ovr 69 but has set up 50 goals in a year.

lw: jack wilshire ovr 88 and complete midfielder
st: terry brill ovr 73, gone up plus 7 in a year, and scored over 100 goals in that time. insane
rw: alex oxlade-chamberlain ovr 78 plus 9

lw: ryo myaichi is ovr 78 and still banging them in but spurs are struggling in my league with an insane squad just their starting keeper is ovr 44!!! so if spurs go down im gonna get bale to replace myaichi as bale can defend and i can switch him, wilshire and suk-young down the left side.

im also after a 84ovr cdm from brazil by the name of casemiro, who has gone up ten overall in three years.

i find portugual is good for young prospects
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