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Originally Posted by COUSINELVIS View Post
special thx 2 tmw666 grade A guy.

just got planet jarrett for anybody who needs it, but be warned its not just a matter of playing one match for the pop, it took 5 matches for it to pop alongside another ach.

you're welcome we'll get you the other achievements as well. and if anyone else needs sth, just message me on xbl.

GT= tmw666

the thing with "planet jarrett" is, that it mostly unlocks together with other achievements (and that's why it unlocked with your "jobber nation" achievement)

just a quick note: if you want me to give you the underdog achievement, you might first need to give me a few wins in fca for me to reclaim tna champ ranking and then let you beat me.

note 2: to become tna champ in any of the leaderboards it took 2 sessions of 8-9 hours for the 2 of us to become tna champ. but dont worry if you're still listed as "jobber" having 60 wins, the description is a bit off, but the win/loss record is accurate and you might jump from jobber to eg main event
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