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A few things in your journal could stand to be clarified or corrected, Spock. Hope you don't think I'm just being nitpicky, but here's what I noticed.
(changes in red)

Originally Posted by Locations
Entry 06 - Haunted Castle
~ Location: Access through Jungle during Restless Dead event
~ Tips: The entrance is located two blocks beneath the skull wearing a crown, under a grave also bearing a crown.

Entry 07 - Black Market
~ Location: Access through Jungle
~ Tips: The Udjat Eye will reveal it's location while exploring the Jungle by flashing; the closer you are to the entrance the quicker it'll flash!

Entry 08 - Worm
~ Location: Access through Jungle or Ice Caves
~ Tips: Locate the worm-tongue, always in the first area. It's a sweating orange spiked ball, hard to miss. Grab a damsel, jump on the ball so you stick, then throw the damsel so she sticks. Wait a bit and the worm will come swallow you. (damsels need not be alive)

Entry 09 - Mothership
~ Location: Access through Ice Caves
~ Tips: You'll need a method of climbing straight up to get in, the entrance will be at the top of a vertical shaft on either the top right or left of 3-4.
Originally Posted by Monsters
Entry 10 - Damsel
~ Location: Common
~ Tips: Rescue these by bringing them to the exit for +1 heart! You can also sacrifice them to Kali, and in a pinch they make great meatshields!

Entry 12 - Tunnel Man
~ Location: In between levels - digs shortcuts
~ Tips: Will ask for first bombs, then rope, and lastly a unique item for each shortcut. Come prepared!

Entry 13 - Scarab
~ Location: In dark stages
~ Tips: They glow bright in the dark, nabbing one will net you 5000 gold!

Entry 16 - Fire Frog
~ Location: Jungle
~ Tips: Will explode upon death after a few seconds.

Entry 17 - Giant Frog
~ Location: Jungle
~Tips: Use a bomb to blow it up, or spiked shoes will allow jump-damage. Spits out normal frogs every few seconds.
Sidenote: It's actually stupidly easy to stand there and just whip these guys to death, your whip will kill the frogs as they spawn and since he won't jump at you if he's close enough, it's a freakin' cakewalk.

Entry 18 - Mantrap
~ Location: Jungle
~ Tips: Do not touch! These will eat you and anything else they encounter whole.

Entry 19 - Piranha
~ Location: Jungle
~ Tips: Easy to avoid if you're not in the water long. Alternatively, you can drain the water with a bomb to kill these.

Entry 20 - Old Bitey
~ Location: Jungle, only when "You hear rushing water..." event is active. Will be in the lake below the exit.

Entry 22 - Queen Bee
~ Location: Jungle, spawns in honeycomb areas
~ Tips: Immune to headjump damage without spiked-shoes. One bomb will destroy it, drops Royal Jelly (+4 hearts)

Entry 23 - Snail
~ Location: Jungle
~ Tips: Avoid their noxious bubbles!

Entry 25 - Golden Monkey
~ Location: Requires a level with both an idol and an altar.
~ Tips: Sacrifice a golden idol at an altar to receive one! Poops money but only lasts for that level.

Entry 28 - Black Knight
~ Location: Haunted Castle
~ Tips: His shield will reflect bullets, shoot him in the back!
Again, my goal is not to offend, just to help out. If you'd like me to write up more of these for ya I'd be happy to, just say the word.

And yes, I DO realize it's heavily a work in progress at the moment. Again, sorry if I'm coming across as nitpicky here P:

Edit: Oh, perhaps you should list "sometimes/rarely inside pots" on location for some of the monsters as well? So far I've come across snakes, spiders, scorpions, and ONCE an alien inside pottery. (in the mines, believe it or not!)

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