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Good guide, just what I was looking for to minimise spoilers but also not miss any achievements. Managed all but Foxiest in one playthrough, did a speed run right after to pick up that.

Couple of edits should be made though to Detroit II. A post above detailed this issue, but I'll expand on it a little. Both The Throwdown and The Last Straw are missable, but not just because you can screw up the conversations. Similarly to The Desk Job in Detroit I, both these achievements will be missed if you sneak to the objective in the Convention Center. You can not confront Taggart once you've gained the information on Sandoval's location from his computer. Additionally, Sandoval becomes hostile if you did not successfully confront Taggart earlier (placing the recording on the computer may be a work around here).

Regardless though, to save yourself hassle if you're following this guide, make sure to confront (and succeed) Taggart in room 2005 to find Sandoval's location. You can then confront Sandoval, and ideally get both these achievements. CASIE helps a lot here obviously. Do not sneak into the backstage area or you will lose the chance to get both of these.
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