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Originally Posted by Sarsage View Post
I'd like to see co-op in the game from the beginning, and a command wheel where you can instruct AI team mates to move to certain places/cover. I don't think it should continue with Captain Walker, he's fucked himself up too much There's no water, nobody left to help him and he's gone completely insane.
That idea with the command wheel is a good one!! I might include mabye the posibilty to dodge and roll in the next game, a serious miss in this one it def would have made life abit easier on FUBAR.
And agreed its clear Walker reached the end of the "Line" Altho as an idea i might suggest what about what happend in Kabul between Conrad & Walker? Just an idea. In the story we never heared much about that realy.
So kinda going back in time with Spec-Ops: The Line 2 Kabul.
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