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Originally Posted by AirborneRichard View Post
That idea with the command wheel is a good one!! I might include mabye the posibilty to dodge and roll in the next game, a serious miss in this one it def would have made life abit easier on FUBAR.
And agreed its clear Walker reached the end of the "Line" Altho as an idea i might suggest what about what happend in Kabul between Conrad & Walker? Just an idea. In the story we never heared much about that realy.
So kinda going back in time with Spec-Ops: The Line 2 Kabul.
The command wheel could have a suppressing fire and throw a grenade option as well. Dodge and roll would work in this game and would be better than sprinting from cover to cover. The Kabul idea would work, but I would like to see some new characters and maybe a new terrain like ice
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