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Originally Posted by Sarsage View Post
The command wheel could have a suppressing fire and throw a grenade option as well. Dodge and roll would work in this game and would be better than sprinting from cover to cover. The Kabul idea would work, but I would like to see some new characters and maybe a new terrain like ice
Indeed would be nice, but even if they included Walker & Conrad in the next game, we probly would see a different Delta Team aswell. I could imagine Walker and Conrad just act as side caracters and you get insight how their relationships is and what happend at Kabul, while the main story is about the DELTA team with new caracters.
As a real Spec-Ops team i can,t imagine they would expose themself to that much gunfire as they did in the game, so even the sprinting option as a nice thing i rather would see they realy add dodge and roll next time, i not had problems with the layout for grenades and stuff realy it proved very handy and easy even in the thick of combat, but as you wrote a command wheel would be a great add-on, just to give a bit more freedom and you can order more commands to your team.
I mean next game not have to be bound to Kabul alone, i can imagine they game starts off with delta doing a secret ops mission in the artic or even in a snow covered Russian town. Plenty of ideas to work with i geuss, just depends if Yager sees a future in another Spec-Ops, lets hope they do, oh and yes co-op campaign would be great too!!
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