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Southampton (currently in my 7th season)

I started with Southampton in the championship.

Season 1 - Finished 6th and lost in the semi-final playoffs vs Birmingham.
Did not have enough budget to buy players so got most of them on loans like McEachran, Ramsey, Frimpong.(quality ones)

Season 2 - Finished 5th and won the play-offs thus promoted to Premier League. Bought some of the quality players on loan again like McEachran, Coutinho.

Season 3 - Started the season with a bang. After losing the first game to Aston Villa 4-1 and drew second game vs Fulham 0 - 0 . I won 13 games continuously to my own surprise and this time without the quality loan players with only McEachran (for the third time on loan). But my slump in form very badly led me to finish 13th.

Season 4 - Finished 14th after just managing to get ahead of relegation in the last 6 or 7 games. Signed Robert Snodgrass on free and Heber for 6m pound.

Season 5 - Finished 8th. I was in 10 - 13th position for most of the season but I picked up a momentum in the last few games to go little bit higher but missed the europa league spot. Signed Lewandowski for around 14m and a good signing. (The board started giving me a budget of 16m at the start of the seaon)

Season 6 - Finished 8th again. But this time I was in 4-6 th postition in most of the season but just in the last 2 games I fell away. Signed Bannan for 12m.

Season 7 - Currently 2nd. Signed Darpela for 9.9m


J. Smith -GK 77
R.Gunter - RB 77
J. Hovield - CB 79
M . Jose - CB 81
F.Darpela - LB 83
J.Cork - DCM 75
H.Devield - DCM 80
R.Snodgrass - RW 81
A.Lallana - CAM 78
B.Bannan - CAM 81
R.Lewandowski - ST 81 (scored 30+ goals in the first two seasons he played)

Cork and Lallana the only 2 players to be from the beginning of season 1. There are the backbone of the team. Lallana is my highest scorer this season till now.

I have invested quite a lot in scouting and developing youth players since I want to add more quality and I have less budget. There was a time in the 6th season when after signing players I did not even have a budget to sign a youth player from the academy for 500 pounds per week. My total budget was around 180 pounds!!!! But luckily it was the end of the season otherwise I would have lost another 6-7 good players because i did not have enough to renew their contract. The board added 5m which later became 16 m at the start of season 7.
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