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Defend Cradle 03 on hard

Ok another strategy I used that's different than the S-ranking guide I found.

Playing against this bastard on Hard, he dodged 99% of the Saline missiles I fired at him, or boosted away so far that they couldn't keep up. I tried for an HOUR or so with the damn missiles, before switching to machine guns. The guns took me like 3 or 4 tries, and I went from C and B rankings with missiles to A ranking immediately, followed by the S rank at long last.

So despite the guide's advice, I decided to go with machine guns and just beef myself up with heavy armor and Regulations 1.15 for infinite boost and flight capability.

My build:
Rarm - Motorcobra machine gun
Larm - Motorcobra machine gun
R&L back - not needed (could use back booster or Jadore if u like)
Shoulder - 051anam flares
Core - GAN01-SS-C
Arms - GAN01-SS-A
Legs - GAN01-SS-L
Generator - GAN01-SS-G
Main boost - MB107-POLARIS
Back boost - BB103-SCHEAT
Side boost - SB128-SCHEDAR

Load: 3 boxes
Output: Max
Capacity: Max
Maneuverability - about 60% max
Lock Speed: Max (750)
Horiz thrust: Max (one of them)
Vert thrust: Max
Quick boost: Max (two of them)
Stability: 50% Max

Method: Head straight for the 3 Normals attacking the ship. Strafe circles around them within a 200-300 range, unloading with your machine guns. Once the three of them are down, dog fight the NEXT, still using your machine guns. The best time to unload on him is when he stops to shoot missiles, if you can get in quick enough. Pop your flares liberally.

I had 41k armor left when I finished the fight for my S-rank out of my starting 52k.
Landed on exactly 500,000/500,000gs with exactly 18500 achievements and exactly 500 games. All 100% including DLC. Was going hard the first half of January to reach that goal! Finished it on 1-19-2016. Final achievement: Completion Serenity in Nero.

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