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Originally Posted by LETtheFLAMESbegin View Post
Going with Kunduz here. That's no doubt the reason that devs put out demos - to try and attract people into downloading it, trying their game to see if it's worth purchasing.

As for the people saying "it's like another shooter" I'm sorry but what shooter out there currently allows you to enter a post-apocolyptic like Dubai that has been overun with sand and offers morale choices throughout the game?!

The trailer does not do this game justice however I am basing this purely on the demo of the game that I've played through as I live in the UK and we British have to wait until tomorrow (Friday) for it to come out.

If the demo doesn't reflect the game well then I will gladly come back on here with my hands held high and say "Yes, I was wrong, it is another generic shooter" however I'm hopeful that Spec Ops will not be another generic shooter.
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