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Streets of Rage 3 (Bare Knuckle III)

A Kangaroo's Best Friend (40 points)
Defeated Bruce and freed Roo in Streets of Rage 3.

For this achievement, simply make it to stage three and defeat Bruce. Do not kill Roo the kangaroo. Once Bruce is killed, Roo will flee and the achievement will unlock.

Imposters Need Not Apply (30 points)
Defeated Axel’s imposter single-handedly with Axel in Streets of Rage 3.

While playing as Axel, proceed to Stage 3 to fight against an Axel imposter. Once he is defeated, the achievement will unlock.

Ultimate Power (30 points)
Max leveled a blitz attack in Streets of Rage 3

The key to unlocking a max leveled blitz attack is to not die. Each time you accumulate 40,000 points, you receive a star which can be seen under your health bar. You need 3 stars, or 120,000 points. A very easy way to unlock this is to set the ROM to the Japanese version (Bare Knuckle 3) in main menu of the game. Set the difficulty to Easy and select 5 lives. Its difficulty setting is much easier then the English version. Pick a character that you are decent with. You need to stay alive, so make sure to avoid falling in any pits as well as being knocked off of lifts/elevators. At around stage 4-5 you should have accumulated at least 120,000 points to now fully max out your blitz move.

A Hair's Breadth (40 points)
Saved General "The Chief" Peterov single-handedly with Zan in Streets of Rage 3.

Once reaching stage 6 with Zan, you need to save the Chief (General Peterov). Once again, have the difficulty set to Easy and 5 lives selected. You should have no problem reaching the Chief who will be tied up. Upon reaching him, let him live. Jet will soon arrive to stop you. Fight and defeat him to receive the good ending to Stage 6. Once Stage 7 begins, the achievement will unlock.

Syndicate Crusher (100 points)
Cleared every game.

You need to beat each game at least once, regardless of the which ending you choose (there are multiple ways to beat the game). Just beat each game the way you want to. Once again, to make things easier, turn on the Japanese version (Bare Knuckle III) in the main menu of the game if you are looking to beat these games as fast as possible, as the English version’s Normal difficulty surpasses the Japanese version's Hard difficulty. Remember to change it to Easy and select 5 lives. You should have no problem beating any of the games this way (if you do, you need to stop playing video games forever).

A Display of Strength (20 points)
Used the special moves and attacks of every character in every game (hidden characters excluded).

In the Help & Options section of the game, it will show you how to successfully perform each characters moves and special attacks. Start with a game, select a character and perform all of their moves. Move on to the next character and repeat. Once you have performed every move, for every character, from every game - the achievement will unlock. You do not need to make any saves.

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