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Speed Run Method by Exu:

"This isn't a full-blown achievement guide because I can't be arsed to adhere to the conventions of one, and I dare say someone's already got a guide in the works anyway.
But I hope the information is useful in augmenting any guides you do use, however if you've never played these games before I recommend playing them properly first.

If the original Megadrive/Genesis buttons are more familiar to you then I'll be putting those commands after the 360 ones, since these buttons assume you've left them mapped to their defaults. So, without further ado...

= A
= B
= C

Streets of Rage
Preparation: Make sure you have a second controler plugged in, press Start on it to "activate" the second player.
At the main menu, highlight Options.
Now on Controller 2 hold +++ (RIGHT+A+B+C) and press on Controller 1.
You will be able to choose how many lives you start with (3, 5 or 7) and what level you begin the game on. Set the difficulty to Easy and the Lives to 7 then make a savestate here.

Now you've done that, start on Level 1.

Eyes In The Back Of Your Head - The description is a bit misleading here, regular "throwing" won't work. What you need is for an enemy to grab you from behind. Fortunately the very first enemy you face can do just that! He's in blue and is the ancestor to SoR2's Galsia enemies.

Turn your back to him and he might grab you. Press (C) to kick your legs out and then (B) to use the momentum to toss him over your shoulder. Achievement unlocked.
He may decide not to grab you and just keep punching you instead. You'll be facing many more of these mooks during this walkthrough and one WILL grab you at some point.

Cat-Like Reflexes - For this you need to save yourself when thrown by an enemy. Fortunately the very second enemy you face is capable of this. He's in yellow and is the ancestor to SoR2's Signal enemies.
Hang around near him and he should grab you and throw you into the air.
When thrown, HOLD + (UP+C) to land on your feet. Achievement unlocked.
This mook is far more likely to grab you, just get in close and approach from above or below. He'll almost certainly go for the throw.

A Display of Strength - Press (A) to call in the Police Special. You only need to do it once as it's the same for each character.

Declawer (Part I) - Now load up that save we made then beat Souther at the end of Level 2 as Adam. Achievement unlocked.

Beautiful, Yet Deadly - Load up that save again, then beat Onihime and Yasha/Mona and Lisa at the end of level 5 as Blaze. Achievement unlocked.
(I hate these bitches, but if you play clever you can have two Police Specials to burn straight away when you reach them.)

Syndicate Crusher. - Start Round 8 and beat the level. As soon as you defeat Mr. X you can press , the autosave icon should come up to record you beating the game, then exit out.


Streets of Rage 2
Preparation: Have that second controller active, then hold down + (A+B) on it and press on pad 1.
You'll now be able to choose the Very Easy and Mania difficulties, your lives can be increased to nine and you can choose your starting level.
Anyway, choose Very Easy and nine lives, then make a savestate.

Declawer (Part II) - Begin Round 3 as Sammy/Skate and beat Zamza at the end of the level. Achievement unlocked.

Heavy-weight Chamption - Begin Round 4 as Max and beat Abadede at the end of the level. Achievement unlocked.

A Display of Strength - Make sure as each character you've used the defensive special with (A), the offensive special with + (Forward+A) and the blitz attack with + (Forward Forward+B).

Syndicate Crusher. - Start Round 8 and beat the level. As soon as you defeat Mr. X you can press , the autosave icon should come up to record you beating the game, then exit out.
If you're playing the Japanese version then Mr. X is smoking a cigar!


Bare Knuckle 3
Preparation: Set the game region to Japanese. I cannot stress enough just how much easier this will make the experience, not to mention how much better the game becomes. Ignore "Streets of Rage 3", it's an abomination.

On the title screen, HOLD + (UP+B) as you press (START). This will unlock Victy/Roo on the character select should you want to play as him later.

Now at the main menu, highlight "Battle" then HOLD + (UP+B), which will change the selection to Options, and press . You can now choose your starting round, up to six, but we're not done yet.
Highlight Lives, activate Controller 2 and on that hold +++ (UP+A+B+C), while these buttons are held you will be able to select up to nine lives instead of five.
With Easy difficulty and nine lives selected you can create a savestate.

A Kangaroo's Best Friend - Begin Round 2 as whomever you like. At the end of the first section you will face a midboss, Victy/Roo and his handler Danch/Bruce. Do your best to evade Victy/Roo and chase down Danch/Bruce.
He likes to jump off the screen and he has a very long-range whip attack so be careful, hang on the opposite end of the screen to lure him out then chase him down.
If you defeat Danch/Bruce without killing Victy/Roo then Victy/Roo will run offscreen and the battle is over. Achievement unlocked.

Imposters Need Not Apply - Begin Round 3 as Axel and defeat Break/Axel at the end. Achievement unlocked.

A Hair's Breadth - Begin Round 6 as Zan. You need to complete the stage with the Chief still alive. On BK3 Easy you should be able to do this easily, but here's how to do it the most effectively.
As soon as you waste the robots, head left into the elevator and head down twice. Go right into the room, kill the two mooks and go into the middle door. Clear the room, kill the mooks again after exiting then go up one floor.
Kill the two gunmen and head into the middle door again. This room is a carbon copy of the previous one. Once you clean house, dash right to the Chief. No need to kill the mooks.
You won't get the achievement yet, you have a boss fight with Jet to do first.
Wait for the "good" Stage 7 to begin. Achievement unlocked.

-If you like you can just keep going from here since you're on one of the correct stages for it.-

Syndicate Crusher - Stage 7 isn't selectable from the level select, you can only choose up to Stage 6. Also, there are two different Stage 7s.
To go to Stage 7A you have to save the General/Chief within the time limit, and to go to Stage 7B you have to allow the time limit and his life bar to expire.
If you hang around the third door on the middle floor then there's a respawning apple outside the room and another inside the room that will replenish your life while you wait, the mooks won't respawn once the gas is flowing.

Stage 7A: Defeat Neo X/Robot Y. Don't be alarmed by the 3:00 time limit, even if you fail to destroy him in time it'll still count.
Stage 7B: Defeat Shiva.

Achievement unlocked, assuming you beat SoR1 and 2 already.

A Display of Strength - Make sure as each character you've used the defensive special with (A), the offensive special with + (Forward+A) and the blitz attack with + (Forward Forward+B).
You do not need to do this with Victy/Roo despite him being on the character select screen from the earlier cheat, as he is a secret character.

Ultimate Power - This achievement requires you to level your + (Forward Forward+B) blitz attack. Every time you score 40,000 points you'll get a little star under your health gauge to indicate a level up, and every time you die you lose a star.
So basically this acheivement is to score 120,000 points without dying, but I have a couple of tricks to make this easier.

Fun Method - Begin the game at level 1 with Sammy/Skate selected and deliberately lose a life with 0 points scored. You can use your special attack on the spot to get yourself down to low health fast and then let one of the first goons finish you off.
When you respawn, Sammy/Skate's standard punch will be replaced with a rapid attack. Couple this with selecting rapid-fire in the button options for maximum effect. Short reach though, so really get in their faces because the attack is devastating, and it racks up points damn quick too.
Be careful, abuse saves if you have to, and you should get your third star by the end of Stage 3 or the start of Stage 4.
(Note: Hidden in the lower left at the beginning of Stage 1 there is a pickup worth 5000 points and a 1up. Theoretically you can get it as soon as Stage 2 depending on ROM and difficulty selection, but yeah, you know. Good luck with that.)

Quick/Boring Method - Change the difficulty to Very Hard and go to Stage 6. Kill the robots and take the lift down once to the middle floor.Once you kill the suits just hang around near the third door, also have a second player jump in if you can.
Wait for the timer to expire and the gas to start flowing. Now enter the room and grab all the cash and both apples. There are more pickups when you have a second player.
As soon as you exit the room you'll be able to re-enter since enemies don't respawn once the timer has expired. Keep doing this until you get three stars. Achievement unlocked!"

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