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Originally Posted by tarekegypt View Post
Slacker 20G

Absorb the minimum number of Fire Flyers in a non-tutorial level (non multiplayer)

For this achievement to unlock you must finish a complete area “zones1-3” with the exact minimum amount needed to clear each zone. For example, on zone one of a level you are required to absorb 50 Fire Flyers before you can leave the level. Once you do so you can either grab the other 50 or leave. You’re going to want to exit the level once you have absorbed the exact minimum amount of Fire Flyers. If you accidently absorb a Fire Flyer that puts you over the minimum just press start and retry the Zone. Do this on all zones of any level from “Double Wide DAMAGE” and on. The achievement will unlock right at the end of level when the statistics screen pops up.

Hey crusty this can NOT be done in Double Wide Damage must be done in level with 3 Zones I guess , i got 50 Fire Flyers in 2 Zones in DWD , no good
Got mine on Double Wide Damage, first zone I believe. In my Chivo list it shows up right after finishing Chicken Con Carnage and after is the finish of Double Wide Damage.

Originally Posted by vithzeral View Post
A couple of clarifications are needed. For the slalom achievement you must miss exactly 20 gates; I originally thought that 20 or more would do.

I missed 22 gates and the chivo popped up. (First time I missed 19 and had too much speed going and got sucked into the finish).
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