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Originally Posted by EatSleepDreamAchievements View Post
The "point" is to setup the secondary character of the same class in the opposite way you setup the primary character of the same class.
I totally see that, but it would've been nicer to just let us choose the alternate unlocks without having to re-level up the same class again. That part is annoying and why I'm not doing it. It should be like CoD. You unlock a new class and can equip it with whatever you already unlocked, and the unlocks you didn't choose last time would automatically be unlocked.

Having to go without AP ammo or my mines/ thanks. Just as I don't care about prestiging in CoD, I don't care about pointless replaying of a class to get to level 50 again. I already unlocked something. I already have it. I'm not stupid enough to go without it. I care about winning and pwning (and having fun, of course). That's all. Ranks, levels, prestiges, etc. can go suck it.
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