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Originally Posted by skitz79 View Post
Great guide mate will b v helpful, quick question tho, does the archery event show the camera broken or somthin different to a normal shot? As i could of sworn i hit the very centre twice now n nothin' popped , thought maybe it showed it broken if i hit it right
Yeah it can be a bit off at times man, it seems to you've to hit it perfectly in the centre. It'll take a time to get it just right, but you've enough times to attempt this in Challenge Mode, as there're loads of time Archery is used in the events. Edit; Scrap that you cannot get it in Challenge Mode, my bad!

Originally Posted by nufcneilo View Post
As a hint for the 4-player achievements, I personally didn't have 4 controllers, so I used two Guitar Hero controllers, (I assume Rock Band's would work too). Obviously I couldn't use them to play the games properly, but they acted as the 3rd and 4th players. So this may be worthwhile putting in the guide.
Was thinking that might of worked with this game too, like it did in Beijing. Only thing is, I didn't have any extra guitars laying about, I'll add this too the guide though. Good tip.

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