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This game was complete crap, even on casual it's not easy to beat without others because the AI helpers are some of the most useless pieces of crap in existence, I honestly think that the paperclip would have been more helpful in every situation. This whole game is orientated to multiplayer because, be damned if you can actually beat it with no help and the shittiest AI created since, wow i can't even think of one shittier than this.
Throw in the fact that some things don't work like they should, namely the blood frenzy, i've made a number of guys blood frenzy yet rarely do zombies divert their attention from me and my group to go after the people that they're suppose to (as that's the WHOLE point of the ability), however if i or someone on my team is blood frenzy every zombie on the planet rushes us.
as for the supposed 'solid' third person crap, in most games when you take cover, you actually have cover, and when you move out of it you're out, a number of times in this game, i would move sideways along cover and end up completely exposed but still 'in cover', i also found when moving along the side of other covers it would move me to the other face of the cover (like a square, it would move me from wall to wall) which is crap since it makes it really hard to shoot from the side instead of over the top of cover.
Not sure what about that (some of which are damn basic core components of a shooter) is solid as GoJoeThibaultGo says this game is.
Not sure how someone can compare AI shiva to these twits and say it was worse than these. shiva went to do what the objective was, these guys just shoot at anything they see, when the bother to move into battle (on one level one of the AIs just refused to move from where they spawned, including when they were forced ahead due to me moving forward in the game), they don't really go for the objectives at all. like let's say (where it shows how shitty they are) the last level, where you're suppose to blood frenzy the spec ops to get the zombies to attack them; the spec ops will fire on you and your team, does your even think of firing back; hell no. They should be firing at the spec-ops because that's the objective. on top of that they tend to split up in larger areas and go their own separate ways after different pockets of enemies, luckily there's not many of these pockets, unluckily that's usually where there's a massive amount of unending enemies or the stronger enemies are.
as for graphics, they're not the worst i've seen but they aren't quite to RE5 standards, they're close though; however after 3 years, we expect the graphics to A. get better (even if just a little bit) and B. not get worse.
The story is insignificant, the game only focuses you on killing everything around, why you're doing so is "because it's orders" not really much else.

All of the above issues shouldn't exist, the AI should be better they have the tech, they're not putting it to good use. the graphics at the minimum should be equal to RE5. sound was like the story, insignificant, i can't even remember what i heard in the game other than gun shots, zombies, and my team talking, and i just played it not even an hour ago. the story isn't fixable, this is the type of game they wanted, you're a good solider and that's all that matters type, that's what they wanted, shitty story is shitty because it was a poor idea to start with even if the concept was nice. the cover issues should have never existed in the first place let alone have to be fixed.
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