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As a veteran Spyro fan since Day 1, I'm going to be completely honest and say don't bother. I picked up this game recently under the same notion of loyalty to the Spyro franchise, but unfortunately the series pretty much pitfalled in my opinion after number 3 (Year of the Dragon; confusingly similar titles), and this game pretty much proves that. The graphics are deceptively superficial and cheap-looking, and the co-op system with Cynder is terribly frustrating. After already being less than impressed it got to a point where I flat out was unable to advance due to Cynder refusing to do what I wanted her to. I ended up bringing the game back to Gamestop the following day, and after seeing the game the guy at the cashier looked at me like I had grown two heads. Spyro unfortunately has dropped to the bottom in popularity points, but that's really the fault of developers who give the franchise no love and care. So aside from the first 3 classics I wouldn't bother with any of the others.

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