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I ended up trading this game in sometime ago because it just got too frustrating for my friend and I. Of course stealth-killing is far more challenging than kicking the front door open guns blazing and requires methodical strategy, but I think V.A. just didn't get it quite right. I loved the setting, the main character, the story, all wonderful. But the gameplay got far too tedious for my liking. When I play stealth I like to have a handful of options in which I can go about executing a kill, but VA kept things extremely linear and often only gave you one option to get ahead. And some of the strategies were so puzzling and at times impossible that I found myself unable to advance very far unfortunately. And yeah, like many others have said, the checkpoint system was really unfair for a game that sometimes comes down to luck to get through.

Overall spectacular concept, but should have been more polished.
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