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Thoughts on Character Unlock Glitch

I've recently started playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance (had it on PS2, played it a few times through), and I noticed characters didn't unlock. Blade, Black Pantha, and Dr Strange. They all should've been unlocked, DEFINATELY, but weren't. So, after reading these forums, I took the advice and deleted my file from the Xbox storage and started over.

For some reason, the new file kept the costumes I'd unlocked.. weird. Got back into the game, Blade, Black Pantha, and Dr Strange unlocked. Yay! But Daredevil didn't this time. Instead of deleting, I simply reloaded the section, picked up the figurine again, and bam.. Daredevil unlocked this time.

Conclusion: if characters are glitched, it seems if you RELOAD the section and meet the unlock requirements a second time the glitch is solved.
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