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Who says that a second spec ops would have the same main"hero" Walker?
Even if they would take the ending where he lives, this guy will be court marshalled,
and will rot in a cell or getting the needle.

I would love a new spec ops, with an other story, a new "hero", and made from another book (the story was HEAVILY copied/influenced by the book Heart of Darkness and the developers have seen Apocalypse now too many times ^^)

It was a great game with an phantastic story, the book was almost perfect added to the story and the Zeitgeist we live in.
I never thought that a german developer could make such aawesome game.
I don'T know who said it, but i think it was here on the board, some user made the perfect statement to the game: "I've never shot so many american soldiers in my life"
Spec Ops the Line is one of the best 3PShooters i've ever played.
The story was so gutwrenching, so "high Level" US military critic, this game deserves another one like this.
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