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Level 3, level 999? What do they even mean!?

The game keeps referring to level and I honestly have no idea what its talking about! When it says level is that referring to difficulty level or something else?

The achievement guide says choose LEVEL 3 FOR ALL STAGES. What the heck does that mean? Also, I see a lot of achievements requiring level 999. What the heck does that mean!?!?

I missed these two achievements because I just plain dont understand all of this mumbo jumbo:
Descent to Hell - 20
Select Level 3 five times while playing. Xbox 360/Arcade

Obtained after you play through 5 stages in Level 3. It unlocks before you enter the 5th stage. Difficulty isnít a problem since you have infinite continues.

To Hell and Back - 50
Clear the gorge and Hades Castle having selected Lv3 for all stages. Xbox 360/Arcade

Select Level 3 for all 6 stages and make sure to do the Extra Stage before you do the Final Stage.

Any info would be much appreciated because im confused!
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