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Speed Demon
30 Complete every puzzle within Par Time.

When viewing and copying the official solution for each level, you should be able to beat the par times on the vast majority of the levels. I did run into a few levels where I had to tweek the strategy a bit in order to beat the par time.

Also, the timers in this game can sometimes be a bit...broken. I timed myself in a couple levels in the Smore Mishmash world and at times the in-game timer was more than 10 seconds off.

Whatever the timer in the game is timing, it is not "real-time" (i.e. how many seconds it takes you to beat the game in real life). Whether your playing the game on the slow, normal, or fast speed, your in-game time will only vary by a couple seconds. Use this to your advantage, and don't hesitate to use the slow motion speed option on levels you are struggling with, it's still very possible that you'll beat the level within par time. (press to change speeds)

Marsho Madness
5 Play a game of Marsho Madness!

Marsho Madness is a mini-game that is accessed through the main menu of the game. You're attacked from enemies at all sides, and each enemy has a button combo above their head. Press this button combo then or to kill the enemy.

Simply play and complete one round of Marsho Madness to unlock this.

10 Get a score of above 100,000 in Marsho Madness.

100,000 is not too difficult to obtain, I was able to get it on my second round. You will earn 3-4 extra lives on your way to 100,000, which will help out quite a bit as well. A couple simple tips would be to make good use of your powerups (they show up as presents on the screen, you need to shoot them to pick them up) and pay attention to big clusters on the screen, as one shot can usually take out whole clusters. It took me about 10 minutes of non-stop play to get up to 100,000.

Double Marshoburger
20 Get a score of above 1,000,000 in Marsho Madness.

This will be the achievement that prevents the vast majority of players from getting 200/200. In looking at the current leaderboards (assuming that they haven't been reset at all over the years) there are only about 250 people who have been able to score 1,000,000 points as of July 2012.

You may want to get a couple friends to help you out with this, as you're able to play with up to 4 players locally. Other than that, I'd recommend you get real good with the 4 face buttons on the 360 controller. I'd imagine you'd have to put in at least a full hour of continuous gameplay in order to get up to 1,000,000 points, so make sure you've got some free time if going for this achievements.

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